Beyond Contemporary Art with Etan Ilfeld


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By Frances Atkins

Contemporary art is an ever-changing world with a constant flow of new artists and transforming mediums. It provokes passion, welcomes confusion and in the last decade has entered popular culture. There are now iPhone art apps, graffiti artist Banksy is a household name and Etan Ilfeld has just published Beyond Contemporary Art.

After founding Tenderpixel Gallery in 2007 and more recently tenderproduct store, London-based Ilfeld developed as a digital artist, often inspired by new technologies and what they mean for art distribution. Now he publishes his first book: an image based profile of influential international artists from the last decade.

The book is designed to be accessible – it is a visual journey, complete with full-page reproductions of art as Ilfeld works through his chosen artists alphabetically. In 240 pages emerging, mid-career and established artists such as Damien Hirst are all covered with passion and diligence.

There is a clear focus on new art forms created through experimentation, with the inclusion of creative work that blurs boundaries and playfully defies categorisation. This opens up and reveals the diverse possibilities for artists, such as Miranda July who is both a successful sculptor and film-maker. The message formed is that artists do not need to be limited and great results arise from being liberated. Moreover, budding artists reading this book will gain an overview of how contemporary art has developed. Ilfeld informs us about international art fairs, the new uses of technology and the rise in popularity of both street and computer art.

This book is inspiring for anyone with an interest in creativity, and could change what the general public perceives as contemporary art. If you order today from, your personal copy will be signed by the author.

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