Unclear Proof: Raising a Glass for New Hattler Film


unclear_proof_maxhattler_2013_00422/Max Hattler- Rooms Magazine

By Sarah Bell

Experimental film maker Max Hattler has released his latest abstract work depicting an earth invasion of a different kind.


Unclear Proof is a short film commissioned by the Lago Film Festival.  The brief was to produce a film about the Perlage Winery in Farra di Soligo, Northern Italy.  The artist worked his magic and filmed stop motion UFOs on a mirror board that formed patterns against a backdrop of clouds and blue sky.

You may be wondering what this has to do with wine and its production, but look closely at the film and you will discover the UFOs are actually friend rather than foe.

Using objects such as bottle tops, corks and other materials collected from the bottling plant at the winery, Hattler has juxtaposed Perlage’s everyday objects to produce an array of extra-terrestrial flying shapes which are paradoxically all manmade.  The aim of the film was to link the themes of alcohol  intoxication with UFO hallucinations.

The flying shapes change to a series of inspired sounds and tones created by Russian musician Alexey Devyanin, also known as Pixelord which all add depth to the otherworldly genre of the film.



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