Fuck For Forest by Michal Marczak


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By Suzanne Zhang

Sex, Altruism and Rainforests: Lost in the Badlands

Can sex change the world or has it, along with altruism, gone astray in our naïvety? That’s the question behind young Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak’s new documentary, Fuck For Forest. The documentary, which premieres in the UK on the 23rd of April 2013 at Oval Space Cinema Club, has already won numerous awards, including ‘Best Feature Documentary’ at the 28th Warsaw International Film Festival.

The documentary follows around Fuck For Forest, the eponymous group of Berlin based eco-friendly, neo-hippies who raise money to save rainforests and indigenous people through the production of erotic and sex videos. From the streets of Berlin and the depths of the Amazon, the NGO sells homemade sexual films and pictures on the Internet, with the belief  that nature and sex ought to be liberated.

World saving dreams and gritty reality eventually collide when the trip to the Amazon doesn’t quite achieve the expected result. Ideals become de-centred through wild adventures of sex, psychedelic drugs and tribal dancing, which allows for Marczak to ‘film a paradoxical clash of cultures’, where the side commonly regarded as ‘developed’ is shown as more savage than the culture they are trying to help. A clash of culture, ideals, and even flesh arise as the documentary unveils itself. Prepare yourself for stunning cinematography and a revealing dive into the darker aspects of charity subculture.

Fuck For Forest premieres on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 at Oval Space. Read more about it on and get your tickets here.


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