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Rock & Raw: Nils Frahm



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Nils Frahm – Says 

2013 saw the innovative Berlin based pianist Nils Frahm go out with a bang with an exclusive album release concert in New York for Spaces. Now he’s kick started 2014 with track ‘Says’, and it takes you to a whole other planet. Taking a grand piano in one hand and a synthesiser in the other, Frahm takes you on a hypnotic journey with an incredible classical electronica sound that wouldn’t have felt out of place on the TRON soundtrack with Daft Punk. The visuals in the video created by Romain Assenat and Ana Silva match the sound perfectly too.

Frahm takes to the UK at 2014’s Latitude festival on 20th July and at London’s Barbican on 29th October.  All tour dates are listed here.

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