3 Most Important Tips When Building a Closet

Building a Closet Tips

Ever opened your closet or dresser and said to yourself: “I have nothing to wear!” Of course, you have, especially if you are a woman.

But here’s the kicker: What if all your clothes are just badly organized and you can’t even tell where your socks begin and shirts end?

Is there any solution, you may wonder? You organized your closet a million times and still, you find yourself lost when you want to find something nice to wear. To save you the trouble of buying more clothes or making a chaos in your wardrobe here is the best conclusion we offer:

Build your own closet! Don’t be frightened. Anyone can do it, and it is easier than you think. Also, you can save a lot of many than buying a new one. We will give you four necessary tips for a DIY closet, so grab your tools and roll up your sleeves, this will be fun.
Let’s do this!

1. Make a Plan To Your Own Conditions

First things first – you have to make a plan. How many drawers do you want to have, what height do you want your wardrobe to be, how many compartments, shelves and so on and so on.

You should make a design around the types of clothing you have and what you want to keep in the cabinet. Do you have many socks and underwear, ties and belts? If yes, you should build more drawers. If you have many dresses and shirts build a compartment with clothing rods where you can hang them properly. Decide what exactly you need in your closet. Draw a design; look at some videos and examples on Pinterest to give you an idea.

  • Measures, measures, measures!

Remember, you will be building from this design so make sure you get the measures right. Measure the space where you want to build the closet and each wall around it. This part is easy, find someone to do this with for better precision and for more fun. You know what they say ‘Sometimes four eyes are better than two’.

After you are done with your plan and sketches of a wardrobe that will meet your needs, you should have some idea what tools and materials you will need to make this happen.
Just in case, to make it easy for you here are the necessary tools for this project:

• Jigsaw
• Tube cutter
• Tape measure
• 4-in-1 screwdriver
• Level
• Cordless drill
• Circular saw
• Hacksaw
• Hammer

And the required materials:
• Wood putty
• Spackle
• Closet system
• Screw-in wall anchors

Closet Measures

2. Use Laminate And Wire Combined System

There are three systems you may consider when designing your own cabinet: Ventilated Wire System, Wood System, and Wood/Wire Mixed System.

  • Which One Should You Choose?

Well, for economical and also aesthetic benefits we are recommending laminate and wire combined system. Mix the functional benefits of laminate and ventilated wire in one storage and you will have adaptability, aesthetics, and durability in your DIY project.

Closet Combined System
  • Why?

Because you will save a lot of money on wire shelving while still having a laminate tower that provides flexibility for future expansion. It can also give a stylish and elegant look to your room. The laminated material does not need painting or staining, also saves you extra money and time.

Make sure to read more about pros and cons of this storage system at familyhandyman. There you can also read about other two storage systems and decide if you prefer the other two.

3. Keep Your Clothes Looking Good

Now that you have your dream closet, you can arrange your clothes in an organized manner. The best approach is to determine your storage needs and assimilate constructive solutions into your design. Here are some of our tips on how to do that in an outstanding way:

  • Clothing Rods Saves The Day

If your wardrobe consists of so-called “unfoldable” clothes such as dresses, suits, jackets, coats and shirts, make sure you keep your rods at the right height and length.

Divide your clothes into short, medium and long and hang them properly by their length. Not only does it look way better, it can also provide you more space.

Clothing Rods
  • Another Useful tip:

Hang your folded pants for easier view on the wardrobe. Trousers can be folded alongside and hung over a hanger rod or hung with a clamp from a pants hanger. It just makes everything look tidy and pleasant for the eyes.

  • If The Shoe Fits

Comfortably store your shoe collection by using shoe shelves rather than cubbies. It is an easier-to-use solution and it lets your shoes ‘breathe’. You can even use a basket on the closet floor for sports and casual shoes. Check out houzz to see how many space you need for women’s and men’s pair of shoes.

  • Your Sweaters Should Live Longer

Any type of clothes that can easily be stretched out, such as sweaters, T-shirts, knits and sweats, is better to be folded than hung. Wire shelving can leave you lines in your delicate fabrics so use plastic shelf liners to prevent this catastrophe!

    • Tidy Up Your Accessories

    Wallets, bags, scarves and belts can easily get lost in a big drawer. Put away these small items in clear boxes instead, and place them on open shelving where you can see what you need at sight. If you often search for a certain belt or tie, then you should consider making a belt and tie rack for easier access.

    Tidy Up Your Accessories


    And there you go… Nothing impossible or too difficult and it will make your space and your clothes tidy and organized. Follow these tips and you will make the word “clutter” inexpressible. It will take you about a week to make this project happen.

    One more free advice: do this with your friends, neighbors or family! It will make the project more fun and you will finish it faster. You don’t have to be a handyman to do this, and please don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake, breathe deep, wipe the sweat and start again. We are humans, we tend to make mistakes and we learn by doing.

    Come on now! Time to make your dream closet into reality. Good luck and happy building.


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