Easy DIY Projects for Home Decoration

easy diy projects for home decoration

Taking a minimalist approach with home décor might be okay for some, but once you start to decorate, you’ll find the space you inhabit to be a much more pleasant one. Bear in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve appealing results. In fact, you can spend very little by doing things yourself and still be satisfied. For those that like DIY projects, we’ve found a few easy home decoration ideas for you to try out. Here they are in no particular order:

Wood Wall Art from Scraps

If you’ve already done some woodworking projects, you might have some planks lying around, and paint as well. Here’s an idea how to turn those leftover materials into beautiful decor for your home. You can make it as simple or as intricate as you want.

wood wall art from scraps

Mason Jar Terrariums

Having plants inside your home can clean up the air that you breathe and liven up your surroundings. But, instead of using standard clay pots, make a mason jar terrarium. If you want to keep it low maintenance, choose plants that don’t require regular pruning or watering.

maosn jar terrarium

Rope Pendant Light

Are you bored with regular light fixtures? Do you need something special for your patio or dining room? Try out this rope pendant light. It’s a quick and fun project, and the results are impressive.

rope pendant light

DIY Wall Clock from Recycled Items

Whether you have an old bicycle rim, pallet planks, or something else, you can make a wall clock from these unused parts. The mechanism itself is easy to come by and costs just a few bucks; the rest is up to you and your creativity.

clock from bicycle rim

Fabric Wall Art

Don’t know what to do with leftover fabric from sewing projects? Turn it into wall art. All you need is a backing, like cork board or Styrofoam. Attach the material with glue or staples and hang it up like a picture.

fabric wall art

DIY Key Holders

Are you always running late because you can’t find your keys? Then this is the perfect project for you. Spear furniture hardware like pulls and knobs can be used for the holders, or old spoons and forks, it’s up to you.

diy key holder

Wood Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to break up large spaces or draw attention to a particular spot. For this project, you can use things like reclaimed planks, laminate flooring, or plywood. The pieces can be glued, screwed or nailed in and later finished with paint or left raw.


Create Art with Strings

Using sewing threads, yarn or any other string-like material is a nice way to add color and shape to your home decor. Besides strings, you’ll need a backing material and nails or screws. This type of project can be as easy or as sophisticated as you want.

art with strings

Homemade Wine Cork Coasters

When you finally sit down to relax with a drink, you’ll want to place a coaster beneath it. If you have spare corks, split them lengthwise and glue them to a backing or leave them whole and glue them to each other.

wine cork coasters


You’ll notice that most of these projects don’t take more than a day or two to complete. Aside from that, there’s a focus making something from things that you already have or which aren’t being used. Once you try out a few of these ideas, we’re certain your creative juices will start to flow, and you’ll get a few of your own that you’ll want to try out.


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