storage bench made of shelf

Do you have the feeling like your house is always crowded with stuff and all you need is one more space where you can store some of it? One more box, shelf or a drawer?

Then again, you don’t want to have boxes just lying around, you want something stylish.
What’s the bottom line?

The thing is, you CAN have something beautiful, functional and not too bulky to store your possessions. We are of course talking about storage bench.
And you want to know the best part?

You can make it all by yourself and it will take you just a few hours to finish this project. In addition to that, it is way cheaper than buying it. Crazy, huh?

Plus, it is multifunctional: You can rest on it, you can store your belongings and also it can be a beautiful addition to a room. It can make a room look more comfortable and stylish.

Ok, enough rambling! Let’s get to business and build this sweet piece of furniture.

Materials you need:

  • IKEA Kallax shelf unit
  • 6 wooden boards:
    • One 2.5cm x 20.3xm x 305cm
    • Three 5.8cm x 15.24cm x 183cm
    • Two 2.5cm x 5.8cm x 244cm MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
  • 32cm x 6.35cm cabinet screws (with white head)
  • 32cm x 3.18cm trim head screws
  • White paint
  • Spackling
  • Stain and polyurethane
  • Sanding block
  • Wood conditioner (optional)
bench storage

As for the tools:

  • Drill and Impact Driver
  • Miter Saw
  • Measuring tape

Grab your measuring tape and make the following cuts on your boards:

  • 5cm x 20.3cm: make two pieces of 146.69cm
  • 8cmx15.24cm: make three pieces of 148.6 cm
  • 5cm x 5.8cm MDF: make  four pieces: two of 39cm and the other two of 150.8cm

After that, you should have a stack of 9 pieces. Now, sand the wood to make it smoother. You should only sand first five pieces, the 2.5cm x 20.3cm s and 5.8cm x 15.24cm s.

Begin with the second pair of pieces, the 5.8cmx15.24cm s. You can achieve a smoother look by applying a wood conditioner beforehand. This is optional, if you want, just leave it like that. Now begin staining. After the stain is dry, apply some polyurethane.

Next step: take your white paint and color the 2.5cm x 20.3cm s boards. Use one or two coat of paint for this. Let it dry out.

All set?

Great, now take out your screws and the drill and put together a shelf using the IKEA manual.

When you finish making a shelf, lay down your 5.8cm x 15.24cm s boards on the ground and put them together side by side. Make sure the edges are flush. Next, put your shelf on top of the planks and center it. Pose it so it’s equal on all ends. Take your drill and screws and piece together the shelf with the boards.

diy storage bench

After you are done attaching the boards, grab your two pieces of 39cm MDF and place them on the ends. Pre-drill holes on each end of the board and secure it by using your trim head screws. Repeat this on the other end. Do the same with longer boards of 150.8cm, in front and end of the shelf.

At the end of the shelf, place two white painted boards, 2.5cm x 20.3cm, as the backside of the bench. Pre-drill two holes on each end of the board and secure it to your bench with the trim head screws. Use the spackling to fill the holes made by drilling. Once it dries, sand off any excess. Use the paint for a final touch.

There you go. You now have your fabulous storage bench. Well done! If you want to sit more comfortably, we recommend you take a look at these bench cushions on Ebay or Walmart. Place some baskets or boxes at the lower part of the bench if you want to lay aside a few things in there. And if you intend to use it as an entryway bench, leave that space for shoes.

This can be placed in any part of your house. And the crazy part is this project will cost you less than 90 dollars. So, take one lazy afternoon to make this and believe us when we say, you will not regret a minute of work when you see the results.


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