13 Stylish Pillow Cases for Everyone’s Taste

best pillow cases reviewed

What is the number one thing that makes your room stylish and easy for the eye? Other than paintings and plants we are of course talking about pillow cases.

You must be thinking…really? Are they really that important?

Yes! Because the furniture is the main thing that occupies your room, and if it is covered with pillows that have interesting and lovely covers it immediately gives the room a certain look.

Still uncertain?

Check out these thirteen amazing pillow cases and see for yourself:

Home Brilliant Velvet Accent Pillow Cover

These amazing pillow cases will make your room and furniture look elegant and sophisticated. It goes great in the living room.

Home Brilliant velvet pillow cover offers 7 different colors to match your furniture. It has solid shine on both sides of the cover. Measures are 18’’x18’’ and 26’’x26’’. With an invisible zipper closure, this material is super soft and silky.

home brilliant

Throw it on your sofa, your patio furniture or your bed. It is comfortable to lean on and super cozy to sleep on. Order it and you will get one package cushion cover (without cushion).

Pony Dance Handmade Cotton Pillow Cover

Perfect pillow case with unique creative design will make an amazing difference to your home decor. Made of durable cotton canvas, this cover is a definite must buy. The pattern is inspired by the arch shape of Morocco architecture. Colors of the cover are navy blue with embroidered white lines. The available size is 18’’x18’’ (45cm x 45cm).

pony dance

If you are looking for a great looking pillow cover that can be used both outside and inside the house this is the one you need. They do not come with cushion insert and they have a matching zipper closure.

Sunburst Outdoor Living Kermit Pillow Cushion Cover

Bring tropical lifestyle into your home with this multicolored design pillow cushion cover.

Made with an excellent durable material (high-quality polyester), they are good for the outdoor as well as the indoor use. Easily washable, you don’t have to worry about your pets or your children ruining them so place them anywhere you like.

Size for this cover without piping is 20×20 inches, only case is available not the cushion. Perfect for your couch, bed, sofa or patio.

What makes this cover special and different is their water and UV resistance. That is right!

And the best part is: because of the special treatment, even with the protective coating they still feel comfortable and soft.

Sunburst Outdoor Exotic Mandala Pillow Cushion Cover

One of the most selling pillow covers on Amazon, this will be the product that you want to purchase all over again.

Its polyester material makes it fluffy and comfortable. Fun, bright and vivid color design can give your room a new amusing look. Dimensions are 20x 20 inches with piping. Only case is available, without the cushion.

sunburst exotic

There is a hidden zipper so that you can easily remove your cover from the cushion and wash it.

This pillow cover is hand-sewn and made from the super durable polyester material. On top of that, this cover is UV and water resistant.

Hand Woven Wool Pillow Cover

Hundred percent hand-woven wool pillow covers will most definitely make your sleep or just relax time feel like heaven. Made from renewable fiber, eco-friendly, resistant to fire, stains and hypoallergenic. This cover can last for years!

With geometric Southwest, Mexican and native American design it will bring rustic southwest feels to any room.

Measures are roughly 18×18 inches. There is a solid black back with an opening to insert a cushion form (not included).

HT&PJ Cotton Pillow Case

This cushion cover with deer design is made from cotton linen material and is extremely durable. Beautiful and elegant looking, this will go great to your living room or on your bed. The size of the cover is approximately 18×18 inches (45cm x 45cm).

ht and pj

The cover has an invisible zipper, so it doesn’t ruin the look of a pillow. It is easy to wash and to maintain since the material is high-quality cotton, it is strong but soft to the touch.

E.life Cotton Pillow Cushion Cover

Get into the holiday spirit with this snowflake cushion cover and liven up your living room. It is handmade from durable cotton linen.

You can order it in 45x45cm size and place it on your sofa, bed, chairs or as a kid room decoration.


The cover features a hidden zipper closure so you can easily insert a cushion in it.

Perfect for Christmas decoration and winter feeling in the house.

SLPR Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover

Amazing pillow cover with real lamb fur and curly texture is going to give your room a sophisticated, elegant and an absolute chic look. You will enjoy the softness of this covers so much that you will want to have it on every piece of your furniture.

It is available in many vibrant colors, so you can choose in accordance to your room design.

slrp mongolian lamb

There are three sizes to choose: 16×16, 20×20 and 24×24 inches. You can use smaller ones for your chair, medium for your furniture set and large ones for your bed. There are no limitations.

It has micro-suede backing with a zipper closure so you can insert your pillow. The zipper is barely visible, so it won’t ruin your cover design.

FabricMCC Hypoallergenic Pillow Case

If you want a design pillow that is light, fluffy and durable this is the one you need. Made from 100 percent polyester fiber, 18×18 in size, white cover with stripes made from natural cotton fabric. The fabric is hypoallergenic so it is great for those who have allergies or asthma.

fabric mcc

Perfectly shaped pillow, with good elasticity and amazing softness, this can possibly become your favorite thing in the house.

Elyhome Halloween Cotton Pillow Cover

Do you love Halloween? Because with this pillow cover you are going to love and enjoy it even more!  You will not be scared since this cover is more cute than scary, but the black cat under the moonlight will bring vibrancy to this holiday.

Made from high-quality cotton and linen, the material is quite durable. It can be used both on 18×18 inches and 20×20 inches insert.

elyhome halloween

There is a zipper on the bottom, just be aware that the zipper length is shorter than the length of the cover, so if you choose 20×20 inches to insert, make sure the pillow is not very firm.

The pattern is only on the front side of the cover, the back side is without printing.

Kingla Home Cotton Pillow Case

Cotton-blend linen covers with the beautiful vibrant design of a cute elephant. Enter the freshness and elegance to your home with this decorative pillow case.

The size of the cover is 18×18 inches or 45×45 in centimeters. It has a zipper that is almost invisible for better looking.

kingla home

Made from great sturdy material that gives this cover durability. You can put it in your living room and add some colors to your furniture, or you can give it as a gift to someone who is an elephant fan, they’ll love it.

Jinbeile Cotton Pillow Cover Case

Beautiful design pillow cover that will make your furniture look more vibrant and colorful. Hand painted but the art makes the design look as two-dimensional. It is not made from soft cotton, it is canvas material based so it is great as a decorative pillow. The dimensions are 18×18 inches, if you order it you will get the case without the pillow. It is perfect to use with 20×20 inches cushions.


The back of the cover is without design and at the side of it is an invisible zipper. This will add your room a nice artistic feel and you will sure get the compliments from your guests once they visit.

Sykting Pillow Case

Handmade set of four pillow covers perfect for all of you who love Christmas and want to bring more holiday spirit into your home. The colors are a true Christmas red with ivory colored designs (Christmas Tree, Deer, Sledge, Snow Flakes). The print is only on the front side of the pillow, on the back is natural fabric color.


The size of one cover is 18×18 inches but since this is handmade it may vary up to 1 inch. These pillows can also be used in a car or outside on your balcony.

It has an invisible zipper, so you can easily insert your old or new cushions. The material is thick, durable and of high quality.


Choose any of these amazing thirteen pillow covers from Amazon and you will not be disappointed. As you can see there are ones for any occasion and for any room indoor and outdoor. You can get the ones that are colorful and vibrant if you want more color, the elegant ones for a more sophisticated look, or maybe the ones with unique patterns and shapes. See how they change the look and style of your home.


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