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Bathroom Cabinets

Over the years, the bathroom cabinetry has evolved from the simple storage cabinets to efficient and elegant objects that not only help you organize your stuff but also add a touch of charm to your home. They became something unique – people pay way more attention to their design than before and are often searching to find a cabinet that will fit in with the rest of the bathroom’s look.

Bathroom cabinets made by Elegant Home Fashions are stylish, fashionable, and very sleek-looking, which just might be what you were looking for. Made by the nation’s foremost producer of bathroom furniture and accessories, these objects are very popular and are on the high demand, which is exactly why we decided to review some of them. We’ll take a good look at each cabinet, analyzing its look, size, weight, and functionality, and give you our unbiased opinion about it. Let’s do it!

Bathroom Wall Cabinets – Our Top 3 Picks

Dawson Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet – Small But Sleek

For all those who’d like to have some of that “vintage navy” look in their bathroom, this is a perfect choice. The Dawson Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet seems very simple at the first look, but its simplicity is exactly one it’s best points.

It’s a charming wall cabinet with an enclosed, adjustable shelf and paneled cupboard doors that you can open with the stylized knobs, measuring 7″ by 20″ by 24″ and weighing 20 pounds.

Dawson Wall Cabinet

It is made of sturdy wood and features two crisscross-patterned windows and the elegant white finish that immediately reminded us of those navy-designed bathrooms that everybody likes so much. The whole thing is really easy to put together, but we weren’t pleased with the quality of the included anchors.

Along with the affordable price, the things that you’ll like here are the above-mentioned sleek look of the whole thing and the overall simplicity. Not everyone needs a big bathroom cabinet to store loads of objects in it – some of us need it for just a few towels and bathroom products.

On the other hand, the included wall anchors aren’t the best ones and make sure to replace them with some quality ones to avoid having any trouble.

Whitney Wall Cabinet with 2 Doors and 1 Shelf – A Classy Alternative

Unlike the one from the Elegant Home Fashion’s Dawson collection, the Whitney Wall Cabinet is for those who prefer the darker look of their bathroom furniture. A bit pricier, this cupboard comes with one fixed and one adjustable shelf, and it weighs 21 pounds.

One of the best things about it are its doors – they’re absolutely eye-catching, featuring some amber mosaic glass that is surrounded by your usual, transparent glass, and it looks very elegant in our opinion.

Whitney Wall Cabinet

It is made of hardwood, and there’s no way you’re going to notice any cheap parts here – which is always a big plus. There’s a plenty of storage space inside the cabinet, and you may even use it for your kitchen.

The “dark espresso” color of the cabinet is not something we see every day, and it goes really well with the amber mosaic glass on the doors. You’ll be able to store all of your essential bathroom products inside of it and also decorate your bathroom in a proper way – the cabinet certainly meets the expectations.

Be careful with the assembly, as the instructions that come with the product are quite convoluted and it might take some time to put the whole thing together.

Neal Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet with Cubby – Bright Addition to the Bathroom

The Neal Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet with Cubby is a perfect choice for all those who’d like the Whitney cabinet in a brighter color. The size is the same – the cabinet measures 7 by 22 by 24″, and it has a very similar design to its “Dark Espresso” cousin, featuring the beautiful glass-paneled doors with the crystal knobs and the framing accents.

It is made of the same sturdy wood but features a pure-white finish, which fits inside the bathroom much more easily than the dark color.

Neal Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet

Besides the enclosed shelf that you get behind the doors, there’s also a cubby shelf beneath it, providing more space for the storage of towels or the essential bathroom products.

The Neal cabinet is quite a nice addition to every bathroom and looks very attractive. The build quality is excellent, which is something we always expect from the Elegant Home Fashions and is well worth the money.

Some people might find this cupboard to be a bit smaller that they’d expect – make sure that the size fits your needs. Otherwise, you might end up disappointed. One other thing we didn’t like is assembling of this cabinet, as it’s pretty hard to line up the doors.

Best Floor Cabinet for Bathroom

Madison Collection Shelved Double-Door Floor Cabinet – Minimalistic and Elegant

When it comes to floor cabinets, the Elegant Home Fashions has a pretty good selection of them. One of the best would be the Madison Collection Shelved Double-Door Floor Cabinet, coming in both the white and the so-called “Dark Espresso” color.

It’s a pretty sleek piece of bathroom furniture, featuring the elegant doors with transparent glass and silver knobs, allowing you to take a look at your bathroom essentials at any moment.

Shelved Double Door

The object is made of hardwood, with shapely top molding and feels very nice to touch. Measuring 13 x 26 x 32″, it’s a cute little cabinet that is guaranteed to make your bathroom a brighter place and to help you properly store the towels as well as the hair & skin care products.

The high quality and sturdiness are definitely the best attributes of the Madison cabinet, but we also have to praise its sleek and minimalistic design. It’s very easy to assemble and will look great in your bathroom or the kitchen.

When it comes to downsides of this floor cabinet, we should mention that the screws that come with it are of the poor quality, and you should definitely use better ones. There’s also quite a strong smell of laminated wood emitting from it.

Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet – A Well-Designed Space Saver

The floor cabinets are something that everyone likes having inside their bathrooms – not only do they look nice, but they’re also great space savers and allow you to storage various items inside them.

These things don’t have to be placed in your bathroom – they usually look great in all other parts of the house, like in the kitchen or the hallway.

Dawson Shelved Floor Cabinet

The Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet is all about that – it looks great wherever you put it! You can get it in two versions – with a single door or with two doors, depending on your budget and what will you use it for. Both versions look very sleek, having one or two windows with a crisscross pattern, quality knobs, and legs that make cleaning the area underneath them a real breeze.

Both cabinets are made of quality wood and look very nice wherever you put them, especially in the bathroom because of their white color. There’s some assembly required in both cases, but that’s easily done with the included instructions.

What we didn’t really like here is the very thin layer of paint over the cabinets – even the light brushing makes the paint chip and leaves the ugly scars. Because of that, pay some extra attention while assembling the cupboards.

Chesterfield Collection Floor Cabinet with one Door and one Drawer – The Spacey Champion

When it comes to sheer elegance, it’s really hard to beat the Chesterfield Collection Floor Cabinet with one Door and one Drawer.

Like the other products of this company, this cabinet looks very simplistic, featuring a minimalistic design that is guaranteed to look nice in any room of your household – especially in the bathroom.There are three fixed shelves in it, as well as the drawer for the additional storage.

Chesterfield Floor Cabinet

Both the door that hides the shelves and the drawer are opened by the double-plated silver knobs. Measuring 4 by 15 by 36″, the Chesterfield cabinet is made of sturdy wood and features a rich dark espresso finish, as well as the tempered glass pattern on the front door.

Weighing 39 pounds, this sturdy cabinet is great when it comes to storing your toiletry – you can put a lot of it in there, and also bring some elegance to your bathroom with the cabinet’s smooth look.

The Chesterfield cabinet, unfortunately, is not flawless – the screws that come with it break easily, and you’ll probably have to do some extra work while assembling, like widening the already-existing nail holes and even drilling some additional ones.

Brand We Recommend – Elegant Home Fashions

As you can see from our reviews, the cabinets made by the Elegant Home Fashions are truly something worth checking out, as they’re a combination of good design, functionality, and the great value for the money. In most of the cases, their cupboards are simple and minimalistic, yet very elegant-looking and it is very easy to fit them into any room of your household. The build quality is always excellent, and there’s almost no way that their furniture will break anytime soon (will, in most of the cases, of course).

We’re not the only ones praising their products – the high user ratings on Amazon and similar websites can tell you the same thing. Rare are the occasions in which the user has regretted a purchase of one of their pieces of furniture, and when there is such a situation – it is because of the screws and wall anchors that come with their cabinetry. They’re often poor quality and the only real flaw of these company’s products; we advise you always to prepare some proper nails and screws for the assembly. Nevertheless, we can still only recommend this brand, as the broken screws can’t spoil the broader picture of Elegant Home Fashion’s quality furniture.

Choosing The Best Cabinet – Buyer’s Guide

The bathroom cabinets are very important – both for the function and for the design aesthetic of your bathroom. That is exactly why it is of crucial importance for you to choose a cabinet that will suit your needs, fit inside the space you prepared for it and also look appealing. Let’s check the most important points for choosing the best possible cabinet for your bathroom:

1. Choose the purpose of your cabinet

There are a lot of different purposes that you can use your cabinet for – it can be just a decoration, the storage for folded towels, or a place to house the plumbing. Before you do anything, decide what is going to be its main purpose.

2. Set a budget

If you set a cost limit before you start shopping, your options will be narrowed, which will help you to more easily settle on a cabinet that suits your needs. It’s easier to choose from a selection of these objects when your budget is more specific.

3. Do the measuring

This one is a no-brainer – measure the size of the space where you want to put your cabinet at. Don’t forget to also measure the door and the window openings, as well as the existing fixtures.

Elegant Home Cabinet

4. Make a layout plan

As you will need some space for the height and the width of the chosen cabinet, as well as space to open its doors, don’t forget to create the layout plan. Also, don’t forget the fact that you’ll also need some space for the easy movement around the bathroom.

5. Compare various types of bathroom cabinets

There are three main kinds of bathroom cabinets – closet (floor-to-ceiling), base (freestanding, can be placed anywhere), and the wall cabinets (placed above the sink or hanged on the wall). Compare these different types and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

6. Choose the style

For most of the people, it’s really important that the cabinet fits into the environment, and you’ll probably want to choose one that complements the already existing bathroom furniture and the architectural details. Pay attention to doors of these things – whether they come with one or two doors, and if they have glass on them. Also, choose the material you like the most (plastic, bamboo, porcelain, and others) and have a good look at the accessories, like the door handles or the built-in mirrors.


A bathroom cabinet is an important asset to every bathroom – it completes the look of the whole room and allows you to place your towels and shampoos inside of it. The cabinets made by Elegant Home Fashions are, in our opinion, an excellent choice if you’re considering to buy this piece of furniture for your lavatory. They’re simplistic yet very elegant and can look quite nice in anyone’s bathroom, especially if you want the most private room of your household to have that modern, minimalistic look.

There’s only one thing that we could consider as their downside – the assembly accessories that come with them should have been a lot better, as they break quite easily and need to be replaced with some proper nails, screws, and wall anchors. Even so, the quality of Elegant Home Fashion’s furniture is something that you can safely spend your money on, with no regrets.

The Best Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Dawson Wall Cabinet

Small But Sleek

The Best Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Dawson Shelved Floor Cabinet

A Well-Designed Space Saver


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