Rooms 14

The Colour of Sound

Danny Fox, Alex Prager, Nadim Abbas, Paul Fryer, Herman Kolgen, Jeannette Ehlers, Andrew Salgado, Christopher Makos

We explore sound and light with Composers Andrew Hewitt (The Double) and Cliff Martinez (Drive), Cinematographers Larry Smith (Only God Forgives) and Erik Wilson (The Double) and Unit Photographer Kerry Brown (Locke). ROOMS 14 also talks to the creative directors at pioneering festivals Sonar, Primavera, Outlook and ATP. And of course, our addictive Why Do You Do What You Do? Featuring Earnest Sewn, The Zeitgeist Agency, Studio Drift and Masomenos, among others.

The theme of this issue is on the power of conscious listening and how it influences the way we perceive the world, compose and orchestrate it to infinite measure. What does it mean to listen? Most of the time, sound hits us before we understand what it is.

Only when we truly listen, can we conceive of it to have a colour at all. The artists in ROOMS 14 remind us of how important sound is especially in